Normalizer – The Drum Solo (2007)

WELCOME TO THE “Normalizer 2” EXPERIENCE—I want YOU to write music to my drumsolo—our favorite and completed versions will be released on itunes and CDbaby!!

What is Normalizer 2?

It’s actually a 51 min drumsolo I did (tried to do it as musical as possible) and I’m inviting artists to write and record music to it!
……I already have Mike Keneally, Trey Gunn, Mario Brinkmann, Alex Machacek, John Czajkowski, Phi Yaan-Zek, JK Kleutgens and myself teamed up to delivering our “pizza-toppings” to the solo drums.
Everyone of us works seperately on our own version, nobody is allowed to listen to each others seperate approach during the writing process!
It’s a huge challenge and I’m overexcited to hear how different each artist’s composition will sound in the end, based and written to that same drumsolo.

And to complete this monster-project, I’d like to invite YOU to participate and write for Normalizer 2 as well.
All you need to do is download the “Normalizer 2” drumsolo on or Itunes and start writing to it in your musicprogramm. Our favorite versions will be released on Itunes and !!

OF COURSE you can also download the Normalizer 2 drumsolo just for the listening experience and to get an insight on my practice routine!
… was quiet exciting to play a 51 min drumsolo I must say. I played it non-stop and the challenge was to keep it interesting and to see how far I can musically and also technically take it.
I always record and rehearse solos as part of my practice routine. But this one was somehow special and in no-time I found myself surrounded with all these great players wanting to contribute music to it.

And next thing I know, people started hearing about this project and emailing me about it, wanting to participate and write to the solo. Soooo, long story short: Here’s the entire “Normalizer2” drumsolo for you……Feel free to contribute. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

We’re planning the first releases to be ready in late spring 2008……to be continued.

BTW, if you’re already in the mood for pizza+toppings on an earlier drumsolo, you can order the first version “Normalizer” with Mario Brinkmann and myself on itunes and

iTunes, CD Baby