Shining – Minnemann/Brinkmann (2010)

The entire album was inspired by my ghost searches lately. I went so many times to the haunted Hotel Coronado in my neighborhood. I stayed close to the rooms where over years there have been sightings, to catch the ghost vibes and and then brought them into music everyday (with one shot of Johnny Walker’s Gold label during each recording session).
Every album of mine has a different mission. Hope you like it, can you feel the spirits in the music:-)?
My friend Mario took the same mission 6500 miles away in Muenster, Germany and we brought our musical “spirits” in together for this very “vibe-intense” project. Enjoy and get haunted.
Marco Minnemann: Guitars, Basses, Violin, Synthesizers, Drums and Vocals,
Mario Brinkmann: Synthesizer, Treatments, Rhodes, FX Guitars and Vocoder Vocals.
Special Guest: Julie Slick, Bernhard Lackner and Andy Kodiwein.

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